5 Swimwear Brands to have on the Radar

At Big Bang, our mission is to celebrate global design, uncovering treasures from every corner of the earth. Here, 5 of our favorite swim brands, each with its own unique story and vision.


Oceanus: Oceanus is about challenging the norm, focusing on empowerment through design. Their pieces, crafted from recycled materials and accented with Swarovski crystals, aim to make a statement. Inspired by the vibrancy of 80s evening wear, Oceanus offers a unique take on swim fashion.


Empress: Starting with a vision to bring Brazilian beachwear to a wider audience, Catherine Maaskant, founder of Empress, has developed a brand that blends Brazilian vibrancy with global influences. Moving from aerospace engineering to fashion, she has nurtured Empress into a brand known for its unique approach to beachwear.


Lido: Named after the picturesque Venetian lagoon, Lido focuses on creating garments that are both practical and mindful of the environment. Made by artisans in Northern Italy, Lido’s creations are designed for comfort and ease, embodying the spirit of their namesake.


Oséree: Oséree celebrates the blend of Italian craftsmanship with a vision that captures the imagination. Founded by Isabella and Jannine, the brand offers swimwear and resort wear that are notable for their design and versatility, inspired by the joy of travel.


La Sirène: La Sirène's designs are deeply rooted in showcasing the essence of its wearers, with each piece featuring unique details such as hand embroidery by Brazilian artisans. The brand focuses on authenticity and innovation, striving to offer swimwear that stands out for its creativity and quality.