Bolazo: An Argentine story

Bolazo is a beautiful womenswear independent brand based in Buenos Aires.
It is run by Victoria Malibu, who is inspired by the humorous relationship between the southern Italian manners and the traditional Gaucho attire.
Her dresses and blouses are very well cut and she uses particular fabrics like hand painted stripes on cotton canvas.
Her collection is artisanally produced in Argentina.
Many pieces are one of a kind and she can also make special sizes upon request.

1. What do you enjoy the most about your work?

I enjoy the creation process that has no order or routine. The creation of a particular design can appear from another piece of work, a vintage design, an instrument, some very coquette old lady walking on the street, theater, trips, music I listen to, all these things bring me into a special type of mood that gives a common sense to the collection. That is why each season of "Bolazo" has it's own music playlist chosen beforehand that, by the way, you can enjoy on Spotify.


 2.How did you start your project?

I started with the need and professional maturity to work on a project of my own and that allows me to carry out my work in other countries, a way of introducing and transmitting my personality. It allows me to get acquainted through creativity, friends, cultures, loves, places, foods, etc.

3. What are your best or more useful tools to work with?

I could say that my BICYCLE, I have one in Buenos Aires and another in Rome, it allows me to carry - to bring, find and discover, I feel that it is like getting on a traveling movie. A fundamental tool in addition to my own hands for putting together shapes and penning patterns as well as for my styling work.

4. How is your work a personal expression?

My work in Bolazo is absolutely an expression of my world, of my thoughts, and way of seeing life and beauty. I try not to contaminate my brand with the world of ¨commercial¨, nor with the gaze or criticism of others. Bolazo is sacred. IF a product tires me, I try to stop producing it, although sometimes it is difficult because one knows the idea and the design from the beginning, long after it goes on sale, then it is logical to get bored or get married. I try to find balance and harmony in it.

5. What object do you cherish the most?

It is always changing but it could be a Vintage wedding dress that I bought in San Telmo market, it has the peculiarity of being very SIMPLE (which is not particular in wedding dresses) and makes it “bellissimo“. I treasure it.

Also a wicker basket that I had designed for myself in Italy. I always use it.