Sustainability and Social Cause

We're thrilled to welcome a new addition to the Big Bang family – Ibraina, a brand that seamlessly blends sustainable design with a powerful social cause.

Sustainable Design with Purpose: Designer Fabio Toñánez and his team at Ibraina conceptualize the architecture of unique garments crafted from delicate artisanal weaves. Their dynamic proposal celebrates female empowerment. The weavers at Ibraina connect and preserve their essence through the intergenerational transmission of their craft. At Ibraina, collections and trends come to life, providing both aesthetic and practical solutions. The weavers take center stage, and the fabric, chosen for its softness, sensuality, and boldness, becomes a second skin.

Couture for Every Generation: Ibraina identifies itself as couture with highly versatile pieces that span two or three generations. 

Argentinian Craft, Global Appeal: Ibraina is a purely Argentinian product that reaches destinations worldwide, chosen by diverse women who appreciate the distinctiveness brought by craftsmanship, sustainability, and the impact of their choices. The brand not only offers beautifully crafted garments but also tells a story of tradition, skill, and social connection.

Join us in exploring the allure of Ibraina at our flagship store on the 3rd floor of the Faena Hotel in Miami Beach. Embrace the sustainability, and cultural richness that Ibraina brings to the world.