Leticia Linton: Effort tastes sweeter

Leticia Linton is a celebrated jewelry designer known for her bold and unique creations that seamlessly blend contemporary and timeless elements. Born in Andradina, Brazil, and influenced by her Lebanese heritage, Leticia developed a passion for jewelry from a young age, inspired by her grandmother's exquisite collection. Her journey into the world of fashion and jewelry began when her family moved to São Paulo, where she started her career as a fashion designer, quickly realizing the transformative power of the right accessory.

Her dedication to mastering the techniques of jewelry production and her intuitive approach to selecting gemstones have established her as a renowned designer. Leticia's creations are a harmonious blend of contemporary elegance and timeless craftsmanship, marked by vibrant colors and dynamic forms.

Can you share a memorable experience during your childhood with your grandmother's jewelry that sparked your interest in creating your own pieces?
My grandmother was a very elegant lady. To go out, she loved to wear her best jewelry, makeup, special fragrance, and her appearance was non-negotiable for her. Always ahead of her generation, she loved to travel around the world. She was very advanced and independent, and I was definitely inspired by her.

What is your favorite place in the world? What do you like about it?
No doubt [it would be] the mountains. The mountain is a great teacher! I like to draw an analogy with our lives: on the way up, you'll get tired, but on the way down, you can slip and get hurt. The desire to reach the top and see the view is what drives us. It demands effort, determination, resilience, willpower, and courage to climb the high peaks, but the coolest part is the journey itself. On the descent, it requires balance and equilibrium to avoid slipping because the chances of getting hurt are higher on the way down! We need to be more careful with the difficult moments in life, to stay more present and attentive. My life has been made up of efforts and achievements celebrated along the way. I am a self-made woman, and I am very proud of it! Effort tastes sweeter; we vibrate more when we conquer, even if it's fleeting and temporary because nothing here is ours; everything is impermanent; we are just passing through. But while we are in this material body, we feel pleasure, and we should celebrate without clinging. I think that's the secret.

What actions do you take in your work process to make it more sustainable?
I think jewelry should be timeless. I love it when my clients ask me to redesign heirloom or old jewelry they've owned for so long. They feel it's time to recycle and give the materials new life. I do this very often, and they love the new pieces. I have been blessed to have an amazing team for the last 20 years. They are perfectionists. All handmade and very exclusive one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Tell us about the process behind how your pieces are made. How have the ancestral traditions of jewelry production influenced your design philosophy and techniques, and how do you incorporate these traditions into your modern creations? 
My inspiration for each collection starts with the gemstones. From them, I begin imagining all the possibilities. Normally, I have some stones on my table, and I start putting them all together. I don't feel the time passing; it is pure passion. I love what I do.

You must have quite a few treasures, what are your favorite ones? 
Yes, I do have quite a few treasures with me. I keep some for myself, and my favorite gemstones are turquoise, tanzanite, and emerald. I love combinations of greens, blues, pinks like sapphires, and pink tourmalines. I love those combinations.

What is it like to run a creative business alongside your daughter Marcela, and in what ways do you complement each other?
I am so blessed to have my daughter by my side. We are so complementary; now we create together with four hands. She is in charge of production, and she adds so much to the brand.