Summer memories last forever

Daria Stankiewicz is the founder of Lido, an independent swimwear brand established in 2016 with the goal of creating basic swimwear that would tell stories about summer – especially Italian summer.

With a strong focus on the highest quality material sourcing and production standards, all of their swimsuits are made in Northern Italy where they work with select artisan workshops who specialize in swimwear.

Join us as Daria shares insights into her influences and inspirations, discussing the challenges of being a creative in today's world, as well as sustainable work processes and advice for newcomers.

How has Venice's unique atmosphere shaped the aesthetic of your collections? 
We’re very into holidays at Lido, our goal is to become holiday specialists, and Venice is the ideal vacation location, it helps us to always maintain that spirit! 

Who are some of the legends or iconic places that inspire Lido’s designs?
We’re very inspired by beach holidays in Italy, north and south, and love the south of France. Summer photography, 70s French cinema and music – a little bit of summer vintage as well as what’s contemporary, make Lido.  


Summer memories last forever. What’s one of your favorite summer moments that has influenced your brand?
A holiday in Capri when I was 10! The sunsets are just unbeatable, the colors, the sea urchins, the food, the beaches, everything. Although it’s flooded with tourists and overpriced nowadays, it’s still one of my favorite places in the world. 

What is it like for you being a creative in today's world? 
It’s hard! It’s very easy to get distracted, we are all looking at the same things all the time and end up with a similar result in our work even if no one would like that to happen. It’s important to disconnect from the phone and social media as much as possible.  


What actions do you take in your work process to make it more sustainable?
We avoid plastic as much as we can, we purchase the highest quality fabrics available – sometimes recycled but not necessarily, the quality and the longevity is what’s key to us, as well as the way a material is manufactured. 

What advice would you give to someone starting in your industry?
Don’t give up even if things get tough! Beginnings are fun and easy, things will always get complicated with time but it’s important to be smart, kind to others, unpretentious, aware of the world around you and always do your best.