Meet Jeweler Cyril Bismuth

Step into the world of Cyril Bismuth through this intimate interview, where we uncover the soulful journey behind his remarkable jewelry creations.


With his odyssey across continents, Cyril's passion for gemstones has evolved into a profound exploration of spirituality and cultural symbolism. From the bustling streets of Asia to the quiet sanctuaries of gemological study, Cyril's experiences have shaped the essence of his brand, Aaron Jah Stone.


Your stone necklaces have such a raw natural feeling, yet so refined. What is your creative process like when creating these compositions?
I create based on instinct, influenced by my mood, and honestly, I often envision the design as soon as I select the stones. Gems have fascinated me since childhood, and there’s something about them that irresistibly draws me in, though I can’t quite explain it. Most of the time, it’s like I have these instant flashes—I just know how I'm going to use them the moment they’re in my hands. At times, it’s merely a feeling that compels me to buy them, confident that the design idea will materialize once I’m back in my Parisian workshop. My stones are sourced globally, yet I cleanse and drill them myself in a very personal ritual, marking the beginning of their transformation.

How would you describe the style of your jewelry?
“Wearing the real thing every day” is my motto. I'm passionate about the accumulation of necklaces or bracelets, it's all about stacking! In fact, I owe this motto to Karl Lagerfeld.

Who was the person that influenced you the most?
Karl Lagerfeld! He was a significant advocate for me to layer my necklaces and develop my signature style. I had the fortune of being introduced to this visionary through my friend Sebastien Jondeau, his personal assistant. This connection led to invaluable encounters, especially with Chanel icons like Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, G Dragon, and Pharrell Williams...

What was the place that influenced you the most?
I frequently travel to Asia—Bangkok, Rangoon, Hong Kong—and Belgium for diamonds. My inspiration comes from a global perspective, always encouraging a journey.

You are constantly searching for new stones in exotic places. Tell us about your research travels.
These journeys are crucial for inspiration. Keeping an open mind is essential, as it enriches each trip with uniqueness. I remember every journey, especially the details of acquiring specific stones and the negotiations with locals. These experiences, I believe, add an additional layer to my creations, making each piece a part of a larger journey.

There is such spirituality behind each piece that you make. What are the most important aspects that go into creating a special order for someone?
Beyond the visual appeal, I strive to select gems known for their positive energies, specially chosen to align with the wearer's spiritual journey.