Meet George Gregory

George Gregory, a third-generation jeweler turned designer brings a rich heritage and innovative spirit to his craft. His deep appreciation for the art form led him to explore the intricate mathematics and science behind jewelry making, honing his skills in diamond setting and the meticulous creation of gold pieces from wax models.

Based in the vibrant city of Miami, George draws endless inspiration from the city's dynamic architecture, culture, and natural beauty. Join us as George shares insights into his creative journey, the influences that shape his work, and his vision for the future of the jewelry industry.

Come join us at George Gregory’s trunk show this Saturday 18th of May where he will be featuring the Shift and Perpetual collections.



About the collections:

Minimized to the simplest lines and angles, shift is a symbol of the forward thinking innovator. Inspired by our earliest civilizations, evoking a sense of pride, strength and integrity, this architectural piece is a staple for the modern woman.

The Perpetual Collection is meticulously designed to capture the beauty of life’s natural rhythm. Its sleek, endless curve and crisp lines symbolize the journey of life, where entering new chapters and taking on the twists and turns is embraced with ease and elegance. Perpetual is a statement of a mindset, style and sophistication. 

Tell us about your beginnings in the fine jewelry world?

I am a third generation jeweler, born into the craft. My dad had a jewelry store but I always gravitated to the creative expression designing offered me. The art form itself resonated deep within my soul. I focused on the technical aspects, the math and science of the process, then setting diamonds and drawing new designs to making the actual piece in gold from the waxes.

What’s it like being a creative in Miami with such a particular trade?

I gain so much inspiration from being in Miami. The architecture, water, music, vibrance of the culture and people bring new ideas for designs to me everyday. I get to collaborate with visionary clients who have remarkable stories we infuse to bespoke pieces.

What’s your favorite thing about downtown Miami?
The architecture and the water.

You must have quite a few treasures, what are your favorite ones?
I have a few pieces I enjoy on occasion, namely my Mobius a diamond and white gold necklace that represents one of the few designs in a collection I call Flow. It symbolizes unity and strength. It’s a very powerful pendant that draws a lot of attention for its minimalistic sweeping lines.

What are the main influences in your design style and techniques?
The geometry of life, architecture, nature, the way water moves, the beautiful details of life influence my designs. Growing up in the business, I was exposed to many different types of old world techniques yet I have always been drawn to technology and innovation. The merging of the two is reflected in all my designs.


What excites you about the future of the industry?
I believe the industry is becoming more resourceful and in our lifetime we will see many things shift. From the influence of technology, more sustainability, to clients focused on making more intentional purchases that resonate with the people, ideas and collectives they most want to be aligned with. Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of exchange, symbolic of love and appreciation. The high artists of this medium who understand this are what I am excited to be surrounded by.

This idea of being surrounded by these forward thinking innovators actually inspired my signature Shift piece and a full collection represented by the elongated parallelogram found in much of my designs along with other minimal angles.

George Gregory from Big Bang on Vimeo.