Architectural Designer

Architect, adventurer, designer and mother, Rut Otero has created an extraordinary textile experience born of her travels and the intersection of art and artisans. On a trip to Japan, a place of personal fascination for Rut, she discovered a singular artist in Osaka who integrates watercolors with original fabrics. Always on the lookout for treasures, Rut’s design is rooted in sustainability and firsthand relationships with craftsmen and women. Recently, Rut traveled to a remote mountain village in Oaxaca, where she was able to meet local women who create scarves from silk they spin by hand. This spirit of discovery and a connection to the organic world defines the grace and artistry of Rut’s work. We can’t wait to see her new collection!

Born as a simple garment to “wear upon the shoulders” the kimono is an invitation to slip into a new silhouette. Ceremonial and soft, striking and generous, Rut Otero’s exploration of this iconic form mirrors her embrace of traditional textile arts and cutting-edge technology. The marriage of color and texture wraps us in the beauty, comfort and the sculptural grace of a time-honored form, made new.



Text: Julia Naiper