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Coloma Chair


Luis Fernando Benedit, Coloma Chair, 1996


Materials: painted wood, metal curved spout, suede upholstery, aluminium cast booties

Height: 106 cm; Width: 46 cm ; Depth: 50 cm; Seat Height: 40 cm

(This chair has an engraved signature of the artist and was produced in collaboration with the artist’s family. It is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity).

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Origin: Argentina

Weight: approx. 4.5 Kg.


Luis Fernando Benedit (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1937-2011)

I want to produce visual artifacts that may be described as for non-specific use. I do not make any distinctions between architecture, painting and design, a term that has become increasingly important. I consider a painting by Lucio Fontana and a Ferrari car of equal value, but I choose the latter.

Artist, architect and designer. His artistic career began in the early 70´s with a series of experiences that intended to connect art, science and nature. In 1970 he participated in the Venice Biennale, in 1971 in the historic exhibition Arte de Sistemas at the Centro de Arte y Comunicación (CAYC) in Buenos Aires and in 1972 he was the first Latin American artist to exhibit individually at the MoMA. His pioneering work linked an artistic practice to explorations with science, ecology, design and crafts, with a body of works which questioned national heroes and indigenous iconography.



Disruptive Art + Quality Craftspeople = Innovative & Collectible Design

LALANA is an applied arts brand born from the desire to combine innovative designs by contemporary artists with traditional techniques and noble raw materials. The three “A's” of LA-LA-NA come together in an interdisciplinary weaving of Applied Arts from Argentina, forging from this synergy the creation of signature works. The differential value of our brand is generated by fusing art, design and crafts in the realization of exclusive collectible objects, both decorative and functional. 

LALANA unveils a catalogue of unique designs, including pieces conceived from sketches, prototypes or pre-existing iconic works by pioneering artists, resurfacing modern designs from the past, put into dialogue with new proposals by a younger generation. We are inspired by the project "Outside the Box - Consumer Art Center” that Jorge Romero Brest founded in 1970 after directing the Visual Arts Center of the Di Tella Institute, epicenter of multidisciplinary art in Argentina at the time. 

LALANA is a brand founded by Florencia Cherñajovsky, a curator interested in the relations between art and design. She worked for several years in the Curatorial department of contemporary art at the Centre Pompidou and is currently developing an interdisciplinary three-year program for Madre Museum in Italy.



LALANA objects are made with noble, raw, natural, urban, pure or recycled materials, combining artisanal and semi-industrial processes with a finish that grants unique characteristics to each piece. Hybrid objects, between an artwork and a product, or as the artist Scott Burton defined “pragmatic sculptures”.